If you are anything like me, we can easily get tired of combing through apartment and commercial deals to decide what is a good buy and what is NOT! Hours upon hours of spending time looking at and analyzing deals can really be a burnout.

I really believe this program Michael Blank has put together is an incredible time saver. I’m pulling back the curtain to show you a behind the scenes look at his system.

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About the Creator

Michael is an entrepreneur, investor, and teacher who’s excited about assisting others to get out of the rat race. He’s raised over $1.5M for 35 residential and multifamily projects valued at over $7M! He actively invests in apartment complexes in several states across the East and West coasts, and his partners oversee over $58 million in successful multi-family properties all over the US.

“My passion is being an entrepreneur and helping others become (better) entrepreneurs. My focus is buying apartment buildings by raising money from private individuals. I’ve been investing in residential and multifamily real estate since 2005 and began syndicating deals in 2010.

I helped start a software company that eventually went public. I have flipped houses, own commercial real estate and operate pizza restaurants. I enjoy starting and growing companies, I love making sense of chaos and taking calculated risks.  I especially enjoy the “art of the deal”: raising private money and putting deals together. I enjoy in equal measure teaching. I have taught computer science courses, financial literacy classes to adults and children, and courses on how to buy apartment buildings.

Because of my experiences as an entrepreneur in different businesses, I feel I can help others gain the knowledge and confidence to take the first steps as an entrepreneur, or to become better at what you’re already doing as an entrepreneur.”

What is The Syndicated Deal Analyzer?

This program is essentially a well thought out spreadsheet that allows you to quickly and efficiently import details and data from an interesting property with the purpose of finding that all important “Maximum Allowable Offer”.

If you’re not familiar with the “Maximum Allowable Offer”, its basically the price point that you can’t go above and still take care of the important aspects of a deal; such as, “HOW YOU ARE GETTING PAID!”

What does The Syndicated Deal Analyzer let you do?

The program can literally help you go from a 4 hour analysis to 15 minutes. Thats a 90% time savings! Think about how much money that could save you (or make you)!

Also do things like:

  • Calculate how much the projected profits will be
  • Decide how to make a solid offer to your investors

Exciting features of The Syndicated Deal Analyzer

There’s a lot to talk about here, but I want to highlight a few features and show some screenshots of the product!

  • Quickly glance at profit returns for you and your investors
  • Calculate your potential mortgage payment
  • See your entire deal in review from start to finish
  • Simply check the math of the broker provided pro forma
  • Analyze the comps to make sure the broker is being realistic on asking price from a cost comparison approach

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Check out the Official Site HERE

Benefits of using Michael’s program?

  • One of the main benifits you’ll notice after running a deal through the system is the greater knowledge of the numbers. If you’re on the phone with the broker, having this spreadsheet up during the conversation will give you immense confidence in the information you are using to support your offer.
  • EXTREME time savings
  • It’s customizable to fit your needs
  • You can look at MORE DEALS – The Syndicated Deal Analyzer is so quick; if the property is a bad deal, you’ll know a heck of a lot sooner and can move on to the next one!


I think you’ve been able to gather my excitement for the product throughout this review, but I truly believe this program will add immense value to your deal analysis. Spend more time on the truly important aspects of putting a deal together rather than having your head in the ground fretting over the numbers.

Check out the Official Site HERE