Funk? purchased and sat down with the “Investor” version of BirdDogBot to share a behind the scenes look at this HIGHLY popular “Real Estate deal-finding system”.

Are you a wholesaler or flipper looking for more deals?

BirdDogBot allows you to:

  • Look for deals on the MLS or import your own properties
  • Get ALERTS via email for new properties matching your criteria
  • Share a deal to someone else for quick feedback from your buyers list
  • Keep an eye on classified sites for properties matching your interests

About the creator of the Bird Dog Bot

BirdDogBot’s creator is Kosta Apostolou, a real estate investor from Toronto, Canada.

Here’s Kosta sharing about his product:

“I’ve spent the last several years figuring out how to find investment opportunities over the internet… and helping other investors do the same.

After spending hours looking through sites and entering numbers into spreadsheets, I knew there had to be a better way to do this… This led me down a several-year-long path of learning, getting to know other investing experts… and finally testing and refining what I learned to come up with a system that WORKS.”

Click Here for the Official Website

What does BirdDogBot do?

BirdDogBot is software designed to simply find you more real estate deals. Upon logging into the program, you are met with a simple and easy to understand interface. You can do things like:

  • Start a new search for a specific property type.


  • Filter out specific requirements for your search


  • Use the deal analysis feature to select your desired profit!



Extra cool features of BirdDogBot system

  • All Cloud based. No downloaded software. Works for Mac and PC
  • Keep track of the deals you like, while easily discarding the ones you don’t!


  • One place to keep track of every deal you are interested in


  • Quickly and efficiently perform a broad stroke scan of hidden gems floating around on Zillow!


About the subscription

There are a few different levels available for the system. We signed up for the “Investor” level of the subscription to explore our review.

Here is a full breakdown of the available subscriptions and their respective features:

Click Here for the Official Website

What if I end up not liking all these features??

Here is a screenshot of the 100% Money Back Guarantee from the Website!



If you are a wholesaler or flipper, I highly recommend this inexpensive system to add to your tool belt! What do you have to loose? Give it a try! It will help you tremendously in increasing productivity and looking for deals.

Click Here for the Official Website